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Our appreciation for fresh, quality ingredients - and the people who produce them - underpins our commitment to locally source as many of our ingredients as possible.


Keshav grew up eating the fresh meat and vegetables that were raised and grown on his family farm in Eastern Nepal.  Shortly after arriving in the UK, he realised that the plastic wrapped vegetables available in supermarkets took something away from the dishes he was creating.  Moreover, he was very conscious that farmers - like his parents - rely on the sale of crops to sustain themselves, and that by handing over money to faceless corporations, he was witholding support from local producers.  So, he resolved to find out where he could buy locally sourced, fresh vegetables and meat to make his dishes taste great, and to support his new community.


Now, we are proud to say that we shop locally, using vegetables and flour from Claremont Farm, and meat from Adam's Butchers.

Our ingredients