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Nepalese dumplings are known as 'momos'.  They are bitesized treats, filled with meat or veg, fried or steamed, and served with spicy achhar (Nepalese pickle) and Thenthuk (flat noodle soup).  Momos earned their place as our namesake and signature dish by being wonderfully tasty, and unbelievably fun to make.


Originally from Tibet, the Nepalese have adopted the momo as a national favourite.  The streets of Nepal are lined with carts serving up momos on stainless steel plates, banana leaves or the ripped out pages of old school textbooks.  Momo houses thrive selling nothing but these little parcels of tastiness.  People don't care where or how they get them, they just need their momo fix!


Despite their miniature size, the process involved in making momos takes a surprising level of commitment.  So, when the Nepalese set out to make momos at home, it becomes quite the social event.  Friends and family get together in the kitchen and work against a background of Nepali music, chattering and some good natured competition about whose momos look the best - the folding up is definitely a skill to be mastered, and sometimes the learning process can throw up some pretty amusing shapes!  And that's pretty much what you can expect from our Momo Making course.  A group of people, working together to make great food, and having fun along the way.


Course cost: £39 per person (group and private rates available on request)

What's included?

- Step by step instruction on how to make the three dishes from scratch

- Hands on, practical learning

- All ingredients and equipment

- Complimentary glass of beer / soft drink to enjoy with your food*

- Recipe cards

- Background information on Nepalese food and culture

- Learn to write your name in Nepali, and to say a few key foodie phrases


*Only available on sessions hosted at the Claremont Kitchen


Momo Making

"Learning about the culture and home life of the amazing teacher Keshev was a treat in itself! "