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The main dish of Nepal is known as 'dal bhat'.  It is eaten by everyone in the country, twice a day, everyday.  The literal translation of dal bhat is 'lentil rice', and it is these two components that are the cornerstones of the meal.  Flavour and variety is added to the meal through the addition of curries and pickles, and every man, woman and child in the country will have their own style and specialist dishes.  So, whilst it may sound like a very repetative diet, in reality, it's far from it.  In fact, once you've tasted the dishes, and learned how to use the ingredients to make your own curries, you may even be tempted to follow suit!


On our dal bhat course, the group works in pairs.   Each pair will make a Nepalese starter, main curry and 2 side dishes on their station  Everyone  also gets you the chance to try their hand at making 'sel roti', a Nepalese sweet rice doughnut.  Finally, you will learn how to make perfect rice and 'dal' (lentil soup) through interactive demonstrations.  Most importantly, you will gain an understanding of the key spices and methods used in preparing Nepalese dishes.  This means that alongside being able to recreate our dishes again at home, you will be able to go and create some specialties of your own.  


In Nepal. family members often take turns at preparing dal bhat, with one person staying at home to cook, whilst the others go out to work.  However, for the purposess of a cooking course, that approach could be a little lonely.  So, we keep the atmosphere lively by playing some Nepalese music in the background, and we all learn and work together.  We aim to make enough food for everyone to have a good meal at the end of the day, with plenty of each dish left over for you to take home and share with friends and family there.


Course cost: £85 per person (group and private rates availablel on request)

What's included?

- Step by step instruction and guidance on how to make your dishes from scratch

- Hands on, practical learning

- All ingredients and equipment

- Complimentary glass of beer / soft drink to enjoy with your food

- Recipe cards

- Background information on Nepalese food and culture

- Learn to write your name in Nepali, and to say a few key, foodie phrases


Dal Bhat

"What an experience...Will definitely be returning for future classes! "